Hi my lovely readers, An exciting news is here for you all😍 to fill your life with Unlimited fun.
Games are a staple of childhood; however, many adults continue to enjoy the problem-solving nature and community that games evoke.…

The reason this destination is Termed as #NextGenTimezone Is because its a very detailed indoor gaming zone providing the best Source of entertainment for all age groups.
Colors are kids best friends, Timezone has kept that in mind and hence the place is vibrant, lively and gleeful hence kids can experience the best fun play date.

The virtual reality will make the experience come alive and take you to another world.
Fun just doesn’t stop at that, you get tickets after almost all games, these tickets can either to redeemed for gifts or can be added as points. So its a win-win for all, the best affordable gaming makes parents and kids both happy.

Australian Gaming chain TIMEZONE is now opened in NOIDA to provide you the next level gaming experience with the most profitable discounts.

I went berserk when I first entered the gaming arena, as in every corner i found numerous games for all age group to engage in😍

The place gives you number of options on gaming and tap card. The set up has been designed very creatively and in a very colorful manner to attract the kids and people around.

It is a one stop destination for all the kids, family and friends with never ending entertainment.

It creates environment for kids and adults alike, it features activities like Kiddie rides, arcade games, ticket games, bumper car area, prize games, shooting games, air hockey, bowling alley, Virtual tour, Loads of freebies to take home and many more🥰 I experienced some of the best games like water zombie, ring games, bumper cars, bowling and many more and won loads of freebies😍

You can also avail the half price Tuesday offers which is available on the pre loaded card for all kind of games.

Timezone Is easily accessible from noida city centre metro station, so make sure to spend the summer vacations with your kids right here😍
I’ve shared my experience at the Timezone, an Australian chain, now in Noida in association with BlogAdda“. Do share the experience in the comments below.

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