The Girl Who Loved Unconditionally

From The Girl Who Loved With All Her Heart.

I’ve always been the girl who puts all her heart and soul into everything she does. When it comes to relationships, that can be detrimental in the end. It is often intimidating, not to mention terrifying, because you’re giving your entire heart to a person who could break it at any given moment without feeling anything. Most of the time, they do. It ends up with you in tears, wondering why in the world your love wasn’t enough. Honestly, it is tough to be that girl who loves unconditionally without demanding any materialistic pleasure and all what matters for her is Reciprocated love and time . That girl who loves with all her heart is usually the girl who experiences the most pain. But here I’ll tell you, don’t be afraid to be that girl because that girl is also the one who gets the most out of life.

When you are that type of girl who loves with all her heart, You trust everyone too easily, you always seek the best in people, no matter how many times they hurt you, you always give them chance to work on It. You know that they take you for granted but you Have hard time so them NO for anything. They Tell you each day to leave them because they aren’t sure to stay anymore with you, but you still put your efforts to be with them by adjusting yourself in their lifestyle, you rush to them for finding solace, But all they give you is ignorance and negligence.

You ask yourself that why can’t you move on? You struggle between heart and mind conflict that why you continue to love the one who constantly end up hurting you, your heart overflows with thoughts, And you are left in a confused state. You don’t seek rightful vengeance.

There are not many people who have ability to love unconditionally, I believe when God has given you so much love, it would be tragedy to keep all inside. Its not always that Girls Tend to hurt Most Of the time, there are girls who love with all their heart flawlessly and fearlessly. In a world filled with such cynicism, this special gift is what sets you apart from everyone else.

But world is very big and does not end for any one, Even if your heart is shattered into a million pieces, you should still keep your faith and keep loving.
Someday, God will give you someone who can handle all the love you have to give and who can give you just as much in return. Don’t lose hope. Trust in God’s plan for your life, and always remember that this love is a blessing, not a curse.

There will be a day when you will be gone, you will not wait for their messages, and then they will realize that she was the someone to hold onto, she was something irreplaceable, she was patient, She went through all the downs, Put all her efforts to know you, she poured the love You can only dream of, and one fine morning you will look around and see that she is gone forever, and she was the only true one among all the interchangeable.

As its a special day of my life today, on this very DATE i met someone who changed my life, In his eyes i saw my entire world, I loved him more then my soul, I Planned my dreams with him, I saw my future with him, But Destiny Never fails to surprise, I will remember this date for Giving me happiness and sadness Both at the same time, I Might Have something new Coming, But He will always remain irreplaceable.

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