Rainy season and Frizzy hairs goes hand in hand, and to Control the frizzes @berinacosmetics has come up with Berina Professionals Treatment Spa which has been enriched with Hydrolyzed Proteins to protect dry and damaged hair.

This Spa Nourishing Cream has ingredients like Citric Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Deionized Water to ensure proper strength of the strands from their roots. It even moisturizes and hydrated for the hair to luscious, smooth and soft. Well-conditioned hair can definitely be achieved after using this cream.

Berina Treatment Spa Nourishing Cream Bath is suitable for wavy, coloured, bleached and dry hair as it has been enriched with Hydrolyzed Protein. This protein has derivative restoration properties which essentially work on damaged hairs. This Nourishing Cream provides adequate nutrition and nourishment to hair for them to be naturally in good condition and stay glossy smooth and healthy.

The Treatment Spa arrives in a light blue packing with a white top which is very desirable. This is available for just Rs. 390 for 250gms available all across the e commerce portals. It has a very refreshing fragrance and a rich creamy texture that will make your hairs go wavy and shiny as never before 💇😍 so do give it a try and leave your experience in the comments below

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