It’s an unfortunate fact of life that the skin doesn’t remain as perky and vibrant as soon we start ageing. Everything from sun exposure and poor lifestyle habits to diminished collagen production leads the skin to sag and wrinkle over time, but the good news is that new nonsurgical treatments like the Bio Facial can rejuvenate the skin and shed years from its appearance.

Recently I attended a Very informative session on Bio Facial In a Bloggers Meet Organized By StemGenn Therapeutics.

StemGenn Therapeutics is one of the most trusted names in the healthcare industry. It was Co-founded by Dr. Prabhu Mishra and Ms. Richa Jha in the year 2014. It is known for its services in stem cell therapy & regenerative medicine sectors. It is one of the best stem cell therapy hospitals in Delhi, dedicated towards providing personalized solutions for Women and Men’s Health.

What is a Bio Facial?

The Bio Facial utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to offer a simple and natural treatment that delivers dramatic results. PRP is obtained by drawing blood from the body and placing it through a centrifuge. The result is a high concentration of human platelets held in a small volume of plasma. When injected into the skin, the platelets in PRP actively secrete seven fundamental protein growth factors that play vital roles in healing the skin.

It is a Cosmetic procedure that is used to control the signs of Ageing, No Artificial materials are used, be it be Botox or Dermal Fillers.

It is a next generation treatment suitable for the people who are skeptical about injecting artificial materials into their body. Since PRP is harvested from our own blood, BioFacial Rejuvenation alleviates the risks of allergies.

Popular facial areas for the correction of which BioFacial Rejuvenation can be used are: Under eyes, Wrinkled or Sagging Skin, Laugh Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Hyperpigmentation, Rigid-Deep acne scars and Crow’s Feet.

How is Bio Facial performed?

During the session, Experts draw blood from the patient’s body just like a regular blood test, and the amount of blood drawn is determined by the number of regions that one wants to get corrected. However, the blood drawn mostly ranges between 10-30 ml. Once harvested from the body, the blood is transferred to the Centrifuge tubes that are further loaded in a centrifuge to spin for about 8 to 10 minutes. Spinning of blood in a centrifuge facilitates quick separation of platelets and other components of blood. Once separated, the platelet rich plasma is carefully separated with the help of a syringe and administered into the area that is to be treated

The platelets extracted are extremely rich in growth hormones that creates more tightening in skin and also heals side by side.

What are the results we can expect from Bio Facial?
The results of a Bio Facial are impressive. Some results become evident immediately after treatment, while others require a few weeks to develop. Soon after the Bio Facial, the skin boasts minimized pore size, a tightened appearance, and an overall glow that wasn’t there before. As time goes on, PRP continues to work its magic to build collagen under the skin, which reduces wrinkles, reverses signs of acne and acne scarring, reverses under-eye bags, and gently lifts the skin to look younger and healthier.

  • You can evidently notice Glowing and younger skin due to new blood vessel formation
  • Smoother and regenerated skin due to new collagen formation.

What are the Side effects One can expect?

There aren’t any serious effects of BioFacial Rejuvenation, but there are certain potential risks and side effects that one might experience. You can experience mild to moderate inflammation along with mild redness/pinkness, and heat in the area that is treated, the reasons behind these after effects are nothing major, it’s just the fluid volume that is injected into your skin which eventually results in this unavoidable inflammation. It is generally advised to avoid wearing makeup for some time and indulge in some icing on your face to calm down inflammation , bruising and any sorts of skin irritation that might arise at the injection site.

By what time you can see the results?

If you allow yourself a considerable time to heal. Swelling/Inflammation resolves in around 24-48 hours but a bruise can last up to 2 weeks for some people.

For how long the treatment lasts?

the number of cycles varies from person to person due to factors like age, area to be treated etc. A lot of times some patients may only need one treatment. Talking of the results, they usually last for about 6 to 9 months but that too precisely depends on the individuals ageing process.

Which Age category can Opt for Bio Facial?

People who are 18 and above and are willing to treat minor signs of ageing are very much the ideal candidates for getting BioFacial Rejuvenation done.

However People with Below Symptoms may not opt for the treatment

  • People having certain skin diseases, such as facial eczema
  • Cancer Patients
  • People witnessing chronic skin diseases.
  • People with Diabetes
  • Women who are lactating
  • And for more you can better consult with the experts and doctors for Details.

How to prepare yourself for the treatment?

  • Avoid using lotions and creams on the area to be treated
  • Visit the clinic with washed face.

Where can you get the treatment done?

You can visit at or get in touch with them via mail: Call us: +91 98104 18415 to schedule an appointment , they can then evaluate your medical history and determine if you’ll be an ideal candidate for this procedure. During the interaction you can ask their experts all sorts of questions associated with BioFacial Rejuvenation and you will be provided important information on Pre-Procedure guidelines to prepare for your first treatment for best possible experience as well as optimal results.

The centre is equipped with latest technology Which will surely assure you Safe results.

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