Skin care and enhancement is very important, And For that we all look for Natural and Chemical free products ❤️ And Herbal Products Always tops the list when it comes to proper care and Protection. A regular skin care routine not only rejuvenates the skin but also prepares it for days ahead.
Vaadi Herbals believes in is being committed to maintaining excellent quality and delivering with integrity.
I tried 4 of their Products recently And Came Out with some Wonderful results

1- PINK LOTUS SHAMPOO with Honeysuckle Extract

this combination provides both, nourishment to the treated hair, as well as protection to the color. Pink Lotus revitalizes the chemically damaged hair cells; while preventing color from fading, Absolutely Chemical free and Provides nourishment to hairs, Priced for Rs 155/- for 350 ml.🌷🌸
2- Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Massage Cream🌱🌿

mixture of various essential oils, this massage cream leaves your skin feeling super soft, and fresh. lemongrass and cedarwood penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin granting health to the cells and fading away blemishes and marks, It has a pleasant smell of lemongrass to make you feel refreshed 🌿 Priced for Rs 165/- for 50gms.
3- Vaadi Herbals Moisturising Lotion with Pink Rose Extract 🌷💐🥀

An all purpose Moisturizer, This great combination of natural emollients, pink rose and goat milk, helps the skin retain its moisture content. Their rich multi vitamin content penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to condition and soothe it, making it healthy and granting your skin Rosy glow❤️ Priced for Rs 155/- For 350ml .

4-Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Face Pack🌿🌱

combined with goodness of aromatherapy oils,lemongrass, Marigold and cedarwood, exfoliates your skin .clears Dead cells, and excessive oiliness and impurities. This scrub leaves your face clear, smooth and acnefree.Priced for Rs 210/- for 70gms
All the products are enriched with Natural oils Which are chemical free and Safe to use. You can order the products from Amazon and nykaa, The products falls under economic price which is easy affordable.

Cons – Products aren’t travel friendly because most of them comes in Pump bottles which might cause leakage.

Do try their amazing products
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