State Bank of India has been re-inventing itself to meet all customers’ needs; the bank has been rolling out products for every need of their customers.


As we all know, in today’s IT driven business environment, the needs of customer are met through technology and digital modes which is absolutely time saving but turns out to be risky and fraudulent at times. In this context, customers’ safety is the bank’s prime concern and therefore they have provided some essential tips for our safety.

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A)- Points to keep in mind while using DEBIT CARDS:


1-Take utmost care of your ATM Pins; do not write it on random place or disclose it to anyone and keep changing it in short intervals.

2-Keep your ATM Pins slightly complex which are not easy to guess but easy to remember

3-While paying bills never hand over your cards to the vendor; make sure that the payment happens in your presence

4-While making online payments or online transactions, be sure of the security of the internet Connection. To the extent possible, do not use Public WIFI or other Free WIFI.

5- Do not get wooed by free offers which require you to swipe your card

6-Do not share answers to secret questions like “mother’s maiden name’ or “childhood name” for resetting passwords.


B- Avoid fraudulent calls that ask you to share your ATM PIN OR PASSWORD. Please note that banks never call you and ask for any sensitive data. Fraudsters may either entice you or threaten you and ask for sensitive information.


C- Points to keep in mind while using INTERNET BANKING:

1-Keep your user ID and password very confidential. Keep your passwords strong using Upper and Lower characters, numeric or special characters, which cannot be guessed easily by anyone and keep changing them periodically.

2-Do not use Internet banking using insecure internet like public WIFI or any free WIFI in coffee shops, food joints etc.

3-Always register your mobile number in bank accounts for SMS alerts.

4-Never share OTP/CVV with anyone.

5-Log Out completely after the session is done

6- Check your bank statements at regular intervals.

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Safety in different areas is very important in our busy lives. Everything from road to mobile and banking safety plays an important role in our daily routine. In this way, we would be able protect ourselves and not be vulnerable.

Wish you a very happy and safe banking experience.

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