Natural And vegan products always Are on top priority for me In any season ❤️
And @terrainatural As per their name,, offers you the best Natural Products that you will fall in love with. I tried 5 of their soaps and A body lotion on which I’m gonna share my Reviews below ❤️

Terrai is a leading signature brand, manufacturer and marketer of high quality Skin and Hair care products designed to effectively cater to specific needs their products are made of natural ingredients in sustainable manner. All the products Are mild and made with essential oils which are vegan, Natural and safe to be used. They have mild divine fragrance that indulges your senses.

🔆 Terrai Walnut Grits & Coconut Skin Exfoliator Cleansing Bar

exfoliating scrub soap is made using fine granules of walnut grits, that are gentle on the skin, deeply penetrates and Removes all the dead skin cells making it glow❤️

🔆 Rose And Lavender Skin Moisturizing Glycerin Soap🌹

Soap is crafted by blending essential oils and fragrances with Natural Extracts and Sugar crystals, which does not melt or slip away .

🔆Himalayan Lillies Body Lotion

Made with natural floral Extract which was an absolute delight to use, this clean aromatic blend evokes the subtle flowery warmth found only in nature.It gets easily absorbed leaving skin Fresh and supple.

🔆Aqua Blue Shea Butter Artisan Soap

This hand crafted soap has a complex blend of floral, green notes of Juniper and Tangerine with a slight musk undertone.this soap also contains natural Coconut and Palm Oil along with rich Cocoa Butter. Indulge in pure luxury. .


The clay base helps absorb the oil and dirt particles accumulated on the skin while Neem & Brahmi extracts ensure the skin remains clean and free of impurities
. I loved all the products as they are absolutely natural and Safe To use on skin , You Can order them from @nykaabeauty.

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