Most of the time men often Suffer from blemishes, Acnes and blackheads due to strenuous schedule.
The Qraa Acne Clearing Face Wash has been curated for men to enhance their looks with healthy and glowing skin.

Acne Clearing Face Wash has strong anti-inflammatory properties, powerful antimicrobial properties, rebalances sebum production, reduces blackheads and reduces pimples and its marks. It is advised to use this face wash at least twice a day, morning and night to best results.

This Clearing Face Wash is great for oily skin as the oil-free foaming cleansing gel helps clear and prevents breakouts and blackheads. It gently yet thoroughly unclogs pores and helps control excess production of sebum on the skin leaving the skin feeling fresh, soft, calm and smooth.
The Acne Clearing Face Wash comes in a Cream and Green Flip tube with and works very effectively in boosting the skin health of the men, It has a very refreshing fragrance to soothe your senses. The nourishment provided by this Acne Clearing Face Wash has lastingly results for men with all skin types.

The face wash is priced for Rs 360/- available all across the E-commerce portals. So Calling all the men to try out this New Face Wash.

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