PADMAAVAT – A Film Outlining Love, Sacrifice And Greed

Against that continuum or mindset Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PADMAAVAT – now ridden by controversy – is important, because it has shown a very decisive crack in that same continuum or mindset.

Women Centric films are not new, But Women centric films are always gone through some kind of controversies in parallel cinema or in the case of independent directors who have shared their perspectives through Chandni bar, chameli, or Bandit queen.

Since PADMAAVAT has been released all over across, It portrays the story of a Women Who Chooses Self Immolation (Jauhar) which holds the culture brigade up in the arms and glorifies women’s self Immolation on the altar of honour as the film draws on the legends Of Rajput Era. The GHOOMAR Song has been beautifully portrayed With Brilliant Cinematography And Folk dance.

Film is magnificently mounted Admiration to the Rajput Community and their women power.

Along with deepika padukone’s Spell bound Acting and flawless beauty, Shahid Kapoor’s Acting Has To be Praised On Larger grounds, Limited Role Yet He Acted Like a King through his Eyes, The Intensity of His Eyes Acted Better then what Dialogues Can do.

Last but not the least “ALLAUDIN KHILJI” Played by Ranveer Singh Yet again proved that he is not Confined in a role of Romantic chocolate Guy, He Played The Role in a Sense who bites into mounds of meat serving well the prototype of the Muslim savage and his part is so relishing that Will keep you gripped throughout.

The Jauhar Scene In the End will Surely give you GOOSEBUMPS with An energetic background score.

KARNI SENA, who was agitating over Bhansali’s PADMAAVAT would trample over Rajput Pride, May Now rest easy, He doesn’t need any memo from Karni sena on keeping it Sanskari, the film is Magnificently Magical, Opulent and a Masterpiece Already.

Each gender role has been portrayed beautifully with its own importance, From Jauhar practice To Invading, Bhansali has created each frame with patience.

To Experience the real Royal Journey, Go watch the movie for the lavishness that your eyes can take before being Overwhelmed.

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