Dirt and pollution often cause our skin to become dull and lifeless

Deep cleansing of face is very essential And Charcoal is considered as one of the best cleanser.
I recently tried @oshea_herbals Activated Charcoal FaceWash
This face is specially designed with ingredients like activated charcoal, licorice extract and extract of Opuntia ficus which helps in to remove dirt from face, moisturize the skin and it cleanses deep inside pores and hydrates the skin.

Activated charcoal comes together with the goodness of tea tree oil to cleanse your skin from deep within while keeping it moisturized. This face wash gets rid of tiny pollution particles which can damage your skin causing hyper pigmentation giving you acne free clear skin. Moreover, it comes in an easy-to-use tube mechanism which prevents spilling of the liquid and is travel friendly.

Suitable for all skin types, use this face wash twice daily to see a marked difference.

The FaceWash is used just in little quantity for deep cleansing and you will get a very glowing skin. The face wash gives you a fresh feeling and a cooling effect as well. I Would rate it 4/5. You can give it a try by ordering it from amazon or any E-commerce website. Its absolutely economical and pocket friendly, Just for Rs 285/- so get yours right now.

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