MAHALAYA- It’s that time of the year when goddess Durga embarks on her annual vacation, family, friends and pets in tow. It is observed Seven days before Durga Puja, The conch shells and the drumbeats reverberate in the nostalgic realm.

Mahalaya is the day of invocation of goddess Durga in her Mahisasurmardini form which begins with The baritone of Birendra Krishna Bhadra reverberating the autumn dawn – Ya devi sarvabhuteshu.
This auspicious occasion heralds the coming of Maa Durga and begins the festivity to welcome her on this earth. Mahalaya mythologicaly marks the end of pitru paksh and beginning of Devi paksh.

At this tithi, idol of the Goddess is donned with the eyes. Artistically, it signifies personification of the great power. At the beginning of devi paksha which is a fourteen day period when Devi Durga comes to earth to flow happiness, prosperity and unite the family.
The festival marks a huge importance in life of locals in Bengal not only emotionally but also socially and economically.


Tarpan is offered on the banks of River Ganga by priests for different group of devotees. The rituals start from early dawn and end during the midday. It is believed that “tarpan” should be offered empty stomach and one should have food at the same place after completing the ritual.

Mahalaya pretty much became a festival to announce Durga Pujo, something like Advent. Durga Puja Begins From Shashti to Dashami, Which brings Huge Number of Bengalis all across the globe all together. Durga puja is vastly seen in the regions of West bengal, But With changing times Durga puja is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in all the other States And Even countries.

Wishing you all A very happy Mahalaya, May Maa durga showers her blessings upon you.


  1. When I got to know the process behind the formation of the pupil of Goddess’ eye, I was amazed at how so much attention is paid to every little detail. Loved the pictures in your post.

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