Skincare is an Essential part of my daily regime, And I Often choose to use products which are natural, Handcrafted or chemical free.

This time i have chosen Some Natural products which also consisted of A Natural Air perfume 🌹

I’m Very fond of Natural Fragrances Like Rose, Sandalwood and Natural flowers🌼🌸 And luckily I found them all in @being_nyassa 😍
Being Nyassa is a philosophy, encapsulated in the words ‘From Heaven and Earth’. Their products includes Handmade Soaps, Body Lotions, Body Butters, Lip Balms, Body Scrubs, Hand Cream, Face Wash, Face Cream, Shampoo , Conditioner, Body Mists among others.

Their products are formulated by blending pure and natural ingredients with rare and exotic fragrances to offer their users a complete and unmatched mind and body experience. Wholesome natural active ingredients like many essential oils and extracts go into the formulation of all Nyassa products, along with some of the most unique and mystical fragrances sourced from around the world.

☑️I Recently tried 3 Of their products Which are absolutely natural 🌸🌹

Gentle exfoliation with Jojoba Beads helps brighten the skin. Light scrubbing helps get rid of the dead cells and removes surface toxins revealing a brighter and younger looking skin. Rose petal extracts moisturize your skin while proving beneficial for skin toning.🌹. Rose petal extracts moisturize your skin while proving beneficial for skin toning. This Reduces Fine line, Radiates Skin, And Soothes skin.

  • Fragrance Type – Moderate
  • Price – 1100/-


Immerse yourself in Nyassa Sacred Sandalwood Bath Salts rich sense of purity and holiness and allow it’s warm, woody and heavenly scent to heal your mind and soul. Let your daily dose of stress and tension get soaked away. The bath salts are endowed with Himalyan Pink salt and epsom salt which boast of enriched mineral content including over 84 minerals and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron which easily penetrate your skin pores, cleaning and purifying the skin from within.

  • Fragrance Type – Woody
  • Fragrance Scale – Strong
  • Price – 500 Rs /-

☑️ Melange Of Wild Flowers In A Rain Forest Air Perfume🌹🌼🌹🌸

The Melange Of Wild Flowers In A Rain Forest Room Spray by Nyassa brings with it an exciting and intoxicating aroma of wild flowers that are in full bloom in a rain forest. The feeling that you get is simply unsurpassable! Entice your senses with the fresh floral fragrance of exotic wild flowers that will take your breath away.This air freshener is a water-based perfume that is alcohol free. Spray it across the room and enjoy the heady floral fragrance

  • Fragrance Scale – Strong
  • Fragrance Type- Floral
  • Price- Rs 500/-

☑️ All the products Are absolutely natural and divine, That will soothe your senses asking for more. My favourite was the room spray as it is something to die for, What is yours? Share below 👇
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