Home Made Tutti Fruity



200 gms Raw Papaya
2 cup Sugar
½ tsp vanilla essence
edible food color – red, yellow and green (each one pinch) I Used Only Red And Green
water as needed



Chop Papaya and remove the seeds along with the white part. Peel off the skin of papaya and chop it into small cubes. It yields around 2 cup of raw papaya. Keep it aside.Boil 4 cup water in a pan. Once it starts boiling, add chopped raw papaya and let it cook for 3 mins on low-medium flame. Remove from the heat and let the papaya remain in the same water for another 5 mins.Meanwhile, Cook 2 cup sugar and 3-4 cup water in a pan. Once sugar is completely, add blanched & strained papaya cubes in syrup. Switch to low-medium flame for 15 minutes.

Add few drops of vanilla essence to it. Take 3 bowls and divide sugar syrup into 3 portions.Add a pinch of each color in 3 different bowls filled with syrup. Mix well and keep it aside for 12-24 hrs.After 12-24 hrs, take out the papaya cubes from syrup and strain them properly. spread those papaya cubes over the plate. Let them dry till the stickiness is totally absorbed. Store tutti fruity in an airtight container.

Use It For Garnishing Purpose On Ice Creams, Custards, Puddings Or Any Desert 😀


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