Guide To Female Solo Travellers

Its Always Said “Travel is the healthiest Addiction” Solo Travelling has always been a fascinating subject as you are own boss,,Solo Travelling might be Tough, Trying and exhausting but it is brilliant, When you go travelling by yourself, serendipity comes into play because you’re more vulnerable to it. You need attention, to talk to another human, rather than closing yourself off because you already have a pal to talk to.

Solo Travelling as a female can be daunting, but it shouldn’t be! Travelling on your own can be an adventurous experience as the only person you need to worry about is yourself.

But before setting off on the trip for the first time, I had lot of Qualms about being a solo female backpacker. I had the odd nervous thoughts, it’s good to feel a bit scared, but lastly i managed to overcome all the fears and challenges and hence I’m sharing some tip for all the beginners.

1- Plan An Itinerary

You don’t need a detailed plan but you should do some important advance planning about where will you stay, the distances, transportation and time. Find A Hotel that is Solo friendly And Has A Running environment around And falls nearby all the Tourist destinations. Be proactive about the transportation.

2- Pack Your Bags light

Pack your bags, but keep them light so that you can manage your luggage by yourself.

3- Mix Up With Locals

Mixing up With locals helped me complete my entire trip without any Complications. Connect with the staff so that you can have a back, As my hotel staff helped me alot while planning my budget.

4- Remember the Landmarks

I personally used to Remember the landmarks near my hotel so that whenever I’m late, I Used to reach there safely on my own.

5- Watch the Challenges Around You

Learn to bargain for public transit, Local Essentials ,observe how people Interact, How to pay the bills and keep a check of all day spendings.

6- Explore Places Which are less explored

Try to Find out the unexplored places On map and Capture the essence of it, After all travelling means capturing the essence of places which are less known to others.

7- Collect All the Important Items at one place.

From passports to your identity card, tickets to wallet and powerbank, Keep them stored at a place which you easily remember.

8- Capturing Pictures

From Local Cuisine to Local market, Or selfies, Don’t forget to Capture them, Afterall these are the memories that reminds you of your trip.

9- Your Phone is Your best friend

Make the Most of your phone, From Trying different camera features to video calls, GPS to Social media, Your Phone is the rescue.

10- Be Responsible

As solo Travelling is travelling by your own, Be responsible to yourself, Drink responsibly if you do, pay attention and know your escapes, always let your family know about where you are, don’t flash your wealth or expensive stuff on paths, Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of, and don’t take advantage of those worse off than you either.

Solo Travelling is all about Embracing difference and change. how you’ll grow and have the most interesting and life altering experiences. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your Way, Face the Challenges Confidently and Once in a while do skip your routine and Treat yourself with Solo Travelling.

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