Golden rules.

technology can help bridge the gap between the people who are in long distance or cannot meet everyday, but there are still some tried, tested, and trusted relationship rules that everyone must always make a point to practice. Yes, it’s good to evolve and adapt. .Its always good to involve and indulge into old traditional practices to keep your love alive.

Just because it’s old fashioned doesn’t mean that it won’t work. We live in such a fast-paced world these days where substantial change can happen in the literal blink of an eye. And of course, as human beings, we learn to adapt in an effort to not get left behind.

Love never gets old,the spark remains ignited through if you follow certain rules to keep it fresh. There is no replacement for the magic that comes attached with personal and intimate connections between two people. No whatsapp or piece of technology on earth can possibly match the emotional connection of being able to touch, hold, and kiss your partner. golden rules that holds a great leap and improvement with regards to the relationship dynamics between people.


Some of the concrete examples of timeless relationships are elaborated below.

1- Face To Face Conversations Are Always a better option then over a phone or text

When you are miles apart,technology surely helps to bridge the gap to keep you connected,but still no piece of technology can ever replace the sensation of being close to your partner,stare into each other’s eyes and talk..

2- Flowers,Cute texts, and chocolates never go out of fashion

No matter of what gender you are, flowers always adds a dose of happiness and romance,and chocolates adds sweetness to life,they represent colors and beauty to your love life, and in this world of technology,cute texts can bring a million dollar smile on your beloved’s face.

3- No relation works without an Emotional Security

In the world of “CASUAL DATING” emotions have lost their real meaning, but the real relationships are always reserved for those who are confident enough to come to terms with how they feel about each other. Thy are the ones who don’t have to hide behind the veils of fake labels.

4- Time is the biggest gift

More then any expensive or materialistic gift, TIME takes it over all, Set your priorities and Give the gift of time to your beloved, gift your beloved the gift of TIME and you would never loose the charm.

5- Have a healthy conversation to overcome disagreements.

Both as an individual cannot agree with each other every time, try avoiding an argument for too long by having a healthy discussion with minimal drama and toxicity.
Following the mentioned points are not possible to the core, but try following them a bit and you would never feel burdened in a relationship 😀


  1. In this ever changing world, a substantial relationship survives and goes through the turmoil through healthy conversations and mutual understanding. I agree to all of your thoughts. Truly, these points are evergreen.

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