Clean Surroundings Means Green surroundings, and to maintain those Green surroundings, Keeping our House clean is very important. Monsoon brings lots of mosquitoes along which can cause malaria and dengue, And To fight them all, We nned to keep our surroundings clean and fresh.

So recently i tried the wide range of herbal cleaning products from @herbalstrategi @herbal_strategi.

They Have A Wide variety of Green Products That helps keeping mosquitoes at bay and Gives you an ultimate protection from germs, bacterias, flies, And Disease Like Dengue and Malaria🌱🌿.
I tried 8 Of their Products Which are 🌿

1- Assorted Incense sticks (Patchouli and Vetiver

The Herbal Strategi’s Aromatic Incense Sticks is the one-stop solution for bad odours and gives you that fresh breath of air that you have been looking for a long time. It will transform your house or office into a personal aromatherapy oasis and bring out the very best in you, each and every day.

Incense is aromatic biotic material which releases fragrant smoke when burned. It is composed of aromatic plant materials, often combined with essential oils and it is paste formed around a bamboo stick, or a paste that is extruded into a stick or cone shape. Herbal Strategi’s Aromatic Incense Sticks are direct-burning incense type and are 100% eco-friendly and safe. It has the fragrance options of Vetiver, Citronella, Patchouli, Lavender and Sandalwood. So, try these products and make your office or home an odour free place. Each box consists of 50 sticks.

2- Nature Spray herbal room disinfectant (Lemon) 🍋

Nature Spray – Herbal Room Freshener is the one-stop solution for bad odours and gives you that fresh breath of air that you have been looking for a long time. Made of herbal ingredients, it is a viable option to replace products that have a chemical composition and can be harmful at times.

  • 3-Nature Rinse Herbal Foam hand wash
    Herbal Foam Hand Wash is an ideal product for you. Made from plant extracts and aromatic oils, the antibacterial herbal hand wash keeps your hands perfectly clean and enriches the skin, thereby making them smooth and moisturised. Now, harsh and scaly palms due to chemical products can soon become a thing of the past. The 100% herbal and eco-friendly product is child-friendly, and along with skin enriching substances, has ingredients that give you impeccable germ-free hands. Feel the joy of a manicured hand every time you use it!

    4-Nature Drop Herbal Liquid Dishwash
    Several disease-causing germs are contained in unclean dishes and vessels that aren’t washed well. To keep you and your family away from microbes that spread infections, it is important to keep your dishes clean and dry. This natural liquid dish wash has been made with organic, earth-friendly ingredients to effectively remove stains, grease and germs from your dishes.

    5- Kitchen Cleaner Spray
    This biodegradable mop spray is made of plant extracts and natural oils so that it is not toxic in nature. Being eco-friendly and safe, it is the best substitute for a chemical-based product that can have a hazardous effect on your family members, especially children. The herbal household disinfectant is not only excellent for keeping your home clean but also has an amazing lemon grass fragrance that can also be used as a room freshener.

    6- Just Mop floor cleaner

    It acts as a natural disinfectant and reels bugs and mosquitoes

      7-Herbal Toilet seat sanitizer.

      • This Toilet Seat Sanitiser is made of natural products and is ideal for those who take cleanliness and sanitation seriously.
      • It has antibacterial, fungicidal and antimicrobial properties, which help keep viruses, bacteria and fungus at bay.

      All the products ensure good health, a clean home, and a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemicals. Herbal Strategi strives to provide high quality natural products in India, to allow you to get away from the chemicals you use in your daily life.All the products are antibacterial that keeps germs at bay, Have Zero chemicals like Deet, Non toxic, eco friendly and mostly made with lemongrass and Tulsi.
      Order there products from their website or Amazon And Keep Your Home Mosquitoes free and Green ❤️🌿🍋

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