In everyday life, Men often Suffer from Dark skin, Acnes and other skin problems,To fight that QRAA MEN Has launched Activated Charcoal Scrub that has Lot of benefits 🤘

It is enriched with the goodness of Activated Charcoal to assist men with skin problems. The Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub has been curated for men to enhance their looks with clarified and glowing skin. This face scrub is congruous for those men who crave exceptional looks.

Activated Charcoal Scrub has ingredients that nourish the skin from within like Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bees Wax, Emulsifying Wax, Scrub Particles, Water and Activated Charcoal. This Activated Face Scrub unclogs pores, deep cleanses the skin, gives instant whitening, exfoliates dead skin and thereby improves the skin texture too.

This Detoxifying Charcoal Scrub delivers a deep-pore cleansing experience. The natural charcoal draws out the dirt and excess oil that generally clogs pores. The soothing, non-drying lather gently washes away the impurities penetrating your face and an important weapon for dead skin cells.

The Activated Charcoal Scrub comes in a Black tube with metallic detailing with a flip flop Lock That avoids Leakage, has a thick Creamy grainy grey texture With a very refreshing fragrance.

The Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub is premium face scrub which is available for just Rs. 240 for 100 grams over all across the E-commerce portals, So Get a clear skin With just a wash.

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