Summers are here and so is the increasing Pollution in the air as well. It’s time to Take care of your skin from all the harmful pollutants.

Astaberry Biosciences has introduced its new Neem and Aloe Face Wash to essentially clarify and cleanse your skin thoroughly this summer. It helps in preventing pimples and acne.

This Face Wash also comes along with a Fairness Crème which essentially works on Colour Correction. This has been enriched with Bearberry Extracts to improve skin complexion. The unique formula brightens the face and results in a permanent improvement in skin tone and texture. It also protects from sun rays and prevents tanning.

Neem has anti-bacterial and purifying properties and aloe vera has healing properties. The combination of these two herbs will make your skin acne free and clear. This Face Wash has been enriched with Papaya Fruit Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Lemon Extract, Cucumber Extract and Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Extract.

This Ayurvedic Skin Care is perfect for the skin as it revitalizes, brightens, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It brings instant glow and has visible results too. The combination of the Face Wash and Fairness Crème is extraordinary and perfect for a seamless transition in the skin.

The Enchanting Fragrance of the Neem and Lemon makes the usage and the experience to be more enjoyable and refreshing like never before.

You can buy this for Rs 110/- only from all the E-commerce portals.

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