Culinary Journey To Punjab Food Festival By Dainik Jagran

AMRITSAR, The Name says it all, Golden City situated in punjab famous for its cultural values, Holy And religious values and last but not the least, PUNJABI RICH FOOD, My Culinary Journey To PUNJAB FOOD FESTIVAL organised by DAINIK JAGRAN, from New Delhi to The city was full of adventure, Entertainment and unlimited variety of food.

PUNJAB FOOD FESTIVAL By DAINIK JAGRAN Took place on 10-11th February in amritsar at GOBINDGARH FORT, which has its own heritage historic values.

Gobindgarh Fort is a historic fort located in the center of the city of Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. The Fort was earlier occupied by the army but is now open to the public from 10th February 2017.

Entrance of the fort
Inside view of the fort

The Inauguration ceremony took place on 10th February By Chief minister of punjab Captain Amarinder Singh And Navjot Singh Siddhu.

PUNJAB FOOD FESTIVAL highlighted the Best Cuisines of Kashmir, Amritsar, Lucknow and many more which was a delightful experience along with some recreational activities like Gatka performance, Giddha performance, Masterclasses with Chef Amrita Raichand, Masterchef Hiral And Many More.

I Witnessed many famous celebrity chefs, food historians, fellow food bloggers from different cities, At same place to discuss one common topic which was FOOD, and was different and interesting then other food festivals.

While there were huge gathering And Uncountable food stalls, I managed to Capture Few of them Which were popular among the crowd.

Lucknowi Food Stall

Lucknowi Food stall had some mouth watering Awadhi chicken biryani, Ulta tawa parantha and Galouti Kababs Which were melt in the mouth.

Lucknowi chicken biryani
Galouti kabab

Bubby’s Amritsari Fish

This Particular food stall took my heart as it had some mouth watering fried fish which was spicy and melt in mouth at the same time along with some tawa non veg items.

Lovely Pritam Dhaba

When we hear about dhaba, We think of highways, Villages or Railway Stations, But this was probably the best dhaba food i have ever tasted in the city. The quality was fresh, Pocket friendly prices. They had Paneer bhurji, yellow tadka dal, and missing roti which tantalized my taste buds.

Saal Flavours

Saal flavours was one stall that was inviting the crowd with an aromatic gesture of KAHWA, which was made of Various spices and dry fruits, Their Owner Mr Sunil Tikoo was serving some authentic Kashmiri Food Out of which the bestseller was Kashmiri Dum aloo and Pulao and Kashmiri KAHWA.

Kashmiri dum aloo, Pulao and Kashmiri Kahwa
Owner Sunil Tikoo with Chef Amrita

New Kundan Dhaba.

Although i did not tasted the food from this stall but I was Striked By their Menu Which looked Like an Authentic Punjabi Food menu including some unique item like Gud Da Kadah.

Apart from Food, there were many recreational Activities and talk sessions which i managed to attend and capture.

Gidha Performance
Chat session with Amrita Raichand and Pushpesh pant ji

Chef AMRITA RAICHAND’S session with Padamshree pushpesh pant ji who is an Indian food critic was very Knowledgeable in which they tried to take an idea of a Heritage Walk over Food at GOBINDGARH FORT in future Which will showcase the famous food prepared at the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Chef Amrita Raichand also demonstrated a healthy Masterclasses In which she Prepared healthy beetroot samosa with Sweet Potato filling

Beetroot samosa

Another Masterclass I attended was of Masterchef Hiral, in which She demonstrated A dish out of Beetroot and Leftover Vegetables Which was easy to prepare and full of Health.

There Were Another Insightful Session By a Group of Women Called PHULKARI GROUP Who cleared the myths about Punjabi Food, How rich Punjabi Foods are and What role it plays in our diet routine, They busted the myths about ingredients used in Punjabi foods which people think can make you gain weight. They shared the traditional history of Panjiri which is given to pregnant ladies for Keeping their bones strong and health in control.

I overall had a very great experience in the heritage city, I learned many healthy recipes, tasted unique food items, Met Fellow bloggers from various cities and gathered huge knowledge about the food festival and the fort.

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