Hello Beautiful people😍❤️ As we all know
Summers are here and so is the problem of sweating, tanning and all that jazz are too, We all have to make sure that we apply good amount of sunscreen with good SPF to avoid skin tanning.

I love trying Products which has natural ingredients infused and hence I came across Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Crème.

It has amazing benefits of Papaya, The Papaya provides moisturization, clarifies pigmentation, reduces dark circles, evades wrinkles and removes tan. The Astaberry Papaya Sunscreen Crème is a wholesome product to prevent the harmful effects of the damaging UV-Rays which has SPF-30.

This product not only protects the skin from the harsh effects of UVA/UVB but also, has a skin brightening extract which makes the skin glowing and radiant always.

The broad spectrum of sun protection is very long lasting and water resistant. It improves skin moisturization and also prevents the occurrence of blemishes and freckles. The Papaya Extracts helps reducing the dark spots as well.

All these benefits of the product make it ideal for it to be used by one and all, throughout the year.

The packaging comes in a white and yellow tube that is easy to carry while travelling. It has a very refreshing fragrance and a smooth texture that blends into the skin without Letting it sticky.

It is a premium sunscreen with SPF 30 is for just Rs.150 for 100ml + 10 ml available all across the E-commerce portals.

So this summer, Hug the sunshine Confidently😍🌞

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