As we have seen, Our country is still surrounded with people who feel ashamed and embarrassed while speaking up on topics like Vaginal Health and Care. It is very important for all of us to sensitize that vagina is also a vital organ like every other in our body and it is essential that we take care and maintain it too.

We often ignore Our vagina Due to different phases of life. Different phases of life like Child birth, and age Has deep effects on our vagina that makes it lose its elasticity and shape. To transfigure the vagina, Namyaa Natural Skincare has come up with its Vaginal Tightening Gel to reform the vagina for a flawless, youthful self again. It is congruous for all the women who long for a tighter and moisturised vagina.

This Vaginal Tightening Gel comprises of the natural ingredient, Manjakani Extracts which possesses an astringent which reinstates proper health and drive in the vagina. It naturally heals the vaginal tissue and restores the vaginal elasticity that eventually helps in boosting a woman’s libido. Along with this, it helps in tightening the vaginal walls.

The Gel comprises of important ingredients like Aloe Vera, Hazel extracts, which provides lubrication, Prevents rashes and itchiness and Also Avoids an unpleasant smell and odour.
Namyaa Skincare’s Vaginal Tightening Gel is 100% safe for sensitive skin as it is developed after years of research and innovation. The use of natural extracts and serums from plants includes no harsh chemicals, perfumes or parabens making it more effective and natural. it also has a 60 days money back guarantee with advanced Manjakani extract.
Namyaa Natural Vaginal Tightening Gel is scientifically proven to restore natural moisture and strength so that a woman can regain her sexual confidence and vaginal health. In addition to tightening the Vagina, it replenishes the vagina thereby relieving it from dryness and irritation. These augment the sexual pleasure also.

The packaging comes in a white and pink pump bottle which is easy to use, And Dissolves quickly with a pleasant flowery fragrance.
Namyaa Vaginal Tightening Gel is a premium product that is very effective and looked-for at just Rs. 740 for 100 grams available on all the e-commerce portals.

So break the Barriers of shame and adapt a confident living.

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