Envy has introduced its new series of Deodorants which is to be seen before in the entire World. The newly launched Range, ENVY Smart has come up with an Auto-Pause Technology. This major advancement is also to be seen as a “Deodorant with a Brain” which has inviting modulations along with customer satisfaction for its value.
It has an inbuilt controlled spray mechanism which automatically controls the quantity of the spray while giving a refreshing and an admirable burst of fragrance for a longer stay. This concept has totally eliminated the wastage and gives a maximum of 1000 sprays which is never seen by any other player in the entire market.

ENVY Smart has three sole variants integrated with exceptional and an impressive fragrances to refresh the senses.

ENVY Burst

Its fresh top notes blended with exotic spices along with richness of geranium at heart with woody, musky base gives a complete aura to the one who wears it.


The extra ordinary juiciness of exotic fruits finely enveloped with richness of sage. A very long-lasting odour enriched with vanilla, musk and amber at base.

ENVY Explode

A sparkling fresh mandarin and bergamot at the top making intense freshness and radiance. It leads to a sensual profile which is poised with rich flowers and oak mass. The base is enriched with woody blends, musk and amber.

ENVY Smart is a premium perfume deodorant brand with a long-lasting effect at just Rs. 199 for 135 ml and is available on all E-commerce websites.

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