Being a Social Media Enthusiast, I always spend most of my time on Reading blogs, Writing blogs And Many more, It was a normal day in between of which I received an invite from STAR MOVIES for #SecretScreening Awards, In which i had to write an acceptance speech as well.

The Event was Marked for 22nd February 2018, And after getting this invite, I wrote my Acceptance Speech as well Which Worked as a ladder In My Journey as a One day CELEBRITY.

Few Days After tweeting the speech, I suddenly got a call from Star Movies Team, informing that i have been selected as one of the winner out of 3 others and will be given an opportunity to be a Star Of a day and walk the Red Carpet 😍 Which Had the inclusion of an entire exclusive MAKEOVER.

Clock was ticking, days were passing and i was waiting for 22nd To arrive, As all my Measurements for the outfit were done, Salon bookings were done and also A pick and drop service was booked by them, My excitement was Increasing each day.

22nd Arrived And My day Started After 2Pm when car dropped me to the Salon which was located at Ambience Mall Gurgaon

😍😍 And there began the Makeover Session.

Makeover began, Followed by Face clean up, Hair wash and Blow Dryer As mentioned below.

And After that The moment We were Waiting for Since long began – THE MAKEUP😻

And the Final Touch 🤩

We had to wait for our dresses to arrive as the delivery boy was stuck in cruel Delhi traffic, but later the dresses arrived and that’s how I looked.

And right from the MakeUp Room The real Journey began Which kept us waiting since weeks 😻

4 lucky winners

And From the salon we were escorted to the PVR, In which We had to walk the RED CARPET 🤩

The Red carpet

The Red carpet Moment

The photoshoot

We were welcomed with Variety of Mocktails, Photographers Doing our shoot Everywhere, The Experience was not less then the Hollywood stars 😻

And Then Started the #SecretScreening of

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

My overall Experience As A Winner Was Not less then the STAR, From Designer Outfits to MakeUp, It was like a dream come true for me And I Pinch myself till date For Being selected as one of the lucky winner 😻

Big thanks To STAR MOVIES for giving me this wonderful lifetime opportunity to live a life of a Star, And Also FLYROBE, which were our outfits partner, For Providing me Wonderful embellished gown that Fitted me Perfectly. It was a dream come true moment for me which i will cherish for lifetime.

And last but not the least, My SPEECH, That gave me the opportunity to recieve this honour from the entire team.

Thanks To Social Media That Helped me to Build my own Identity and To live This golden Moment ❤️

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